Vicki Dade Finance Director

Vicki has sole responsibility for the sound financial balance and foundation of Time Appointments. Her role ensures that she plays a key part in navigating the direction of the business whilst always assessing and managing any risk through complex analysis in all areas of operations. Her skillset also allows her to produce extensive and detailed ‘compliant’ financial and regulatory reports.

As a founder of the business Vicki’s work ethic and professionalism mirror and promote the core values of the business.

I always strive to be the best I can be for my children. Life is hard, but setting the best example I can, installing good values and encouraging them to achieve anything they want to accomplish is my biggest motivation.

In the Summer I love Mediterranean cuisine, its’ healthy and fresh and reminds me of family holidays away, in particular to Sorrento, Italy. But in the winter, you can’t beat a cheese board by the fire with a glass of red wine, delicious!

Keep laughing and having fun! Only have people in your life that bring you joy and always go with your gut instinct!