Interview’s post Covid-19 could be different for a while. The biggest change will be the transition to virtual interviews, an interview which takes place remotely either on the phone or through an online video platform. Although the format of a virtual interview remains much the same there are some key considerations you need to keep in mind:

June 7, 2021In News, Candidate Hub

Read the interview instructions.

Make sure you read the interview instructions carefully as soon as they are received. It will include interview set up instructions, interview time and preparation guidance.

Overlooking this key step may result in you missing the interview, so avoid making assumptions about the process that could be wrong.

If you have not received your interview confirmation, follow this up with your Recruitment Consultant immediately. It may have been caught in spam filters and presumed received.

Check your Tech in Advance.

It is important to check your tech prior to your interview, ideally the day before. If you have a laptop or computer with a webcam, we suggest using one of these devices for your interview, however a smart phone with a camera will suffice as long as you have somewhere stable to rest it. Regardless of what device you use, remember to test, and check your microphone and speaker settings and that your camera angles are at eye level. Ensure you have a good internet connection, and that your chosen device is fully charged.

If you do experience a technical difficulty such as a weak connection or interference, don’t be afraid to ask the interviewer to repeat the question, and if the problem continues politely mention it and ask to reconnect so to avoid missing any crucial information. Even perfect answers to the questions will not make an impact if they cannot hear you.

Dress Professionally

This is the time to make the best impression of yourself as possible. Just because this is a video interview do not compromise on your interview attire. Dressing to impress will also put you in the right mind frame.  However, to ensure that the focus is sole on you and not what you are wearing we would suggest avoiding wearing overly bright colours and distractive prints.

Eliminate all Distractions.

Carefully choose an appropriate location for your interview. Ensure that you are away from all distractions and make sure that your mobile phone is placed on silent, and that you have shut down all unnecessary applications on your device, and that email notifications are temporarily switched.

In advance, inform those around you in advance that you are in an interview, so you are not to be disturbed, turn off any TV’s or radios, and remove any pets from the room.

Choose a well-lit room with a neutral background.

Surroundings are important. Choose a space where there is a good source of natural lighting and a neutral background so that the interviewer can see you clearly with limited distractions. Avoid a ‘busy’ background setting such as posters, bookcases, or a cluttered living space.


Do not Forget to be Personable.

You must present yourself as a confident and professional candidate, therefore maintaining a good level of eye contact is crucial during any job interview, even more so during video interviews. Remember to SMILE and acknowledge the interviewer and questions being asked, and do not be afraid to use hand gestures and body language to express yourself. Avoid crossing your arms as this will make you look bored and disinterested.

Also … Remember the standard interview rules still apply … preparation is key so peruse the job spec and company website well in advance and prepare structured answers to typical interview questions which you can back up with detailed examples.

The work and effort you make will ensure you are confident and comfortable with the knowledge and understanding to answer most questions in a professional, courteous, and structured fashion.

Please bear in mind that as this interview is over video, it is really important that you remain professional at all times by avoiding the use of verbal abbreviations and slang words etc. Your enthusiasm should be transpired during the call and your ability/extra effort will in most instances end in the result of a face-to-face interview.


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