Winning that all important job with tips from Time

April 30, 2021In News, Candidate Hub

The interview is your opportunity to make an unforgettable impression on the company you want to work for and get the job you want. Here are some hints and pointers that will help you make that positive impression.

Always, always be properly prepared – often it is the one thing that an otherwise very competent candidate is lacking – and do your homework, in time and well ahead of the interview.

Ten interview rules to stick to

  1. Drive to the location before the interview so that you know how to get there, where there is parking etc.
  2. Know the full name and title of the individual you are to meet with.
  3. Learn as much as you can about the company.
  4. Find out as much as you can about the interviewer and what they look for in a good candidate.
  5. Know what your goals and objectives are for the future so that you can measure these against what is being offered.
  6. Prepare questions that are specific to that position and that company.
  7. Always be professionally dressed. Even in business casual environments a business suit is required for the interview process.
  8. Arrive on time.
  9. Bring hard copies of your resume. Often the interviewer will have printed it for themselves but it is always good practice to have it on hand just in case.
  10. Bring a pen and a note pad in case you want to or need to make any notes.

The interview itself - basics

  1. Remember this is your opportunity to shine. When greeting the interviewer, make sure you maintain eye contact, have a firm handshake and address your interviewer by their last name until they make it less formal.
  2. The interview is your chance to bring forth your strengths and to point out areas of your expertise that are applicable to this position. If you think you might forget some of these at the time, because of nerves, then be sure to list them on your notepad and, with your interviewer’s permission, refer to them. It would be best if you could remember them in case you do not get the opportunity to refer to your notes. Practice your answers; it will help in your memory.
  3. If you are interested in the opportunity, indicate that to the prospective employer.

Essential interview Do's & Dont's

  1. Be on time or a few minutes ahead of the scheduled time.
  2. If an application is necessary; fill it out in its entirety. Nothing is more annoying to an interviewer than looking at a blank application if it is part of their process. This, ladies and gentlemen, applies equally to interviews with companies and recruitment firms.
  3. Remember to smile and present yourself in an energetic and professional manner at all times.
  4. Never speak negatively about past employers or peers.
  5. Always maintain eye contact.
  6. Do ask questions that are pertinent to the position and company.
  7. Point out areas that are a match between your skills and the requirements of the position.
  8. Be prepared to discuss ways in which you have excelled or situations where you have demonstrated your initiative and ability to be proactive.
  9. Be enthusiastic and positive.
  10. Bring an original copy of your CV
  11. Always answer with a complete sentence. No “yes” or “no” answers.

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