Motivation is key to fulfilment and unlocking your true potential. Doing work that lacks meaning can be draining and leave you dissatisfied.

Motivational triggers vary from person to person, so it’s important to work out what keeps you motivated, what your strengths are, and what interests you. Feeling energised by your work requires a passion for what you do, so you need to identify what fuels you, and what your values are. How can you ensure your work environment will keep you inspired and active?

It’s crucial to establish these ‘musts’ before starting a job search, especially if you’re making a career pivot, because the last thing you want is to end up in a job where you feel misplaced.

So, what commonly motivates people in their work?

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Personal development
Being given a chance to grow and develop is crucial in maintaining a level of motivation. It’s natural to want to improve your skills and learn something new, so being able to apply that motivation for knowledge to your work will keep you energized in your role.

Making a difference
Knowing that you’re making a difference can be a huge motivator, whether that’s directly having an impact on a customer, or contributing to bigger projects. Seeing your work as a part of ‘something bigger’ than yourself can really drive you forward.

Facing a challenge
For many, being faced with a challenge to get stuck into and overcome will excite them and keep them engaged. Being encouraged to find fresh and innovative solutions can keep you inspired, and give you a great sense of accomplishment, pushing you on to the next project.

Great culture & people
Working with great colleagues in a welcoming and healthy environment is often a catalyst for motivation. If you’re happy in your surroundings, and with the people you’re surrounded with, you are more likely to be inspired and passionate about the work your do there.

Having fun
If you are able to infuse your work life with a bit of fun and a bit of laughter, this can go a long way to keeping you motivated. You spend a lot of time working, so you should enjoy it.

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If your current role is not fulfilling your need for motivation, then maybe it’s Time for a change. Our team of expert consultants will work with you to secure the best possible opportunity, aligned to your aspirations, motivations, and long-term goals.

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