What to do Between Jobs?

Have you been out of work for a while, or found yourself between jobs? It can be a daunting task to throw yourself back into the world of work and can take a toll on your mental wellbeing. You may experience anxiety or fear about putting yourself into a new situation. But we’re here to help.

When you do begin the hunt for a new role, there are several practical tips you can follow to help along the way:

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  • Write down your accomplishments – this can help you understand and illuminate your skills and successes, which in turn will help to calm the thoughts about the job-hunting process. This will also prepare you for future interview questions as you’ll have your stories prepared.
  • Know what you want – this is a good opportunity to reflect on what you want out of a new position and understand how your values align. You may find yourself in a position of thinking “I can’t want specific things”, but defining your values is more than that, it’s about knowing what you need to feel fulfilled and be successful in a new job.
  • Polish up your CV – In this time you likely haven’t updated your CV, and you may now have new skills and experience to add. You should also make a list of keywords that frequently appear in job ads you’re considering and include them in your CV. Keywords are essential for knowing how your experience compares to a job description and ensuring the hiring manager knows that you have the skills needed for the role.
  • Set reasonable goals – It may be tempting to spend all of your time job hunting, but this mindset is not necessarily healthy. Set reasonable job-hunting goals to keep you motivated. Which companies will you research? How can you follow up on previous conversations? What interview preparations can you make? Hitting those goals will give you a sense of accomplishment.
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  • Set personal goals – This is a great opportunity to seek out any learning you’ve wanted to do but have not reached for before, such as online courses or certifications. Being able to dedicate some time to training or upskilling is invaluable, and a great way to build up your CV. Employers value those who go the extra mile and demonstrate a thirst for knowledge and the desire to learn. This demonstrates a willingness to develop with a new role, which is a useful asset for any position.
  • Take time for your wellbeing – If you’re in a negative headspace, find something that will lift your spirits and put you in a better emotional state, meditation, yoga, reading, activities you enjoy… It’s critical to focus on your mental wellbeing, so that when you do start a job search, you’re focused and composed.

If you have found yourself in a position where you’re starting a job hunt, consider giving our team of expert recruitment consultants a call.

We have a wealth of experience in finding people their dream jobs, and we understand that your next role needs to fit like a glove.

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