Signs That It’s Time to Find a New Career…

Have you got that Sunday Night feeling? Are you constantly searching for new jobs to no avail? Then maybe it’s time for a change…

Our expert team offers some great hints & tips about when you know it’s Time to make that important career change.

Read on to find out more…

Redundancy might be on the cards, but how can you tell?…

It is a fact that COVID-19 has turned the economy upside down! If you work in an industry that has been especially weathered by the impacts of the pandemic, it may be time to start looking for a new position within a progressive company. Or a business that has a proven track record of growing through these tough times.

Signs to look out for…

If team members around you are being made redundant, this is an indication that the company’s long term business plan is unstable. Important signs to look out for when you’re job is at risk:

  • The business as a whole has slowed down
  • Your workload has reduced significantly
  • Large clients are struggling with payment or the business is losing clients

If you’re starting to see any of these changes, get a head start on the job search by sending us your CV to & our team will guarantee to find you a career that matches your skills, aspirations and goals.

There’s No Flexibility…

Are you back in the office full time? Or are you enjoying working from home right now, but soon you’ll have to return to the everyday commute?

This new found flexibility that the company didn’t offer before is getting taken away & negotiating a permanent remote role won’t be agreed by the management team.

Does this lack of flexibility make it difficult to juggle childcare & life’s uncertainties? If your answer to this question is yes. Then it may be Time to find a better opportunity. 

Is Your Work Performance Starting to Suffer?

Are you coming home uninspired & starting to feel a lack of enthusiasm for your role?

The career you once had has now turned into a monotonous job just to pay the bills. If this is the case you may find that you aren’t going that extra mile anymore or your work performance is going downhill. 

Try not to let the standard of your work slip in your current role as you will need a good review from this business to help you move onto the new opportunity you desire.

Can you discuss with your boss any changes to your role? If this is a conversation you feel you can have, try this option first, but if you don’t feel like the outcome would be worth the changes then get in touch with us today: 01473 252 666, we work with top clients & have new opportunities available for you every single day. 

The pay isn’t going to get any better & there’s no progression route…

Have you asked for a raise Time after Time? Or maybe you’ve been waiting for a promised bonus for years? 

From that sigh… We’re going to guess that the answer is yes!

Obviously considering the current climate, employees do have to be mindful that companies are having to tackle pay increases. But if something has been promised to you, or a raise has reportedly been given elsewhere in the company, make sure to speak up to your manager or start to look for a new career that can fulfil promises.

And now let’s talk about progression…

Have you learnt everything you can in your current role? You may feel like you’ve outgrown your position, especially if you’re not learning anything new. If you have taken all the steps to avoid career burn out, then the first step to your new career is to get that CV ready. Make sure to channel your motivation towards greener pastures!

The Thought of a New Career is Exciting…

If the thought of a new career is what keeps you going –  then it is definitely Time to get into job searching mode before your work performance and motivation starts to drop in your current role. 

If you’re unsure of where to start on your search we have over 100 careers available to you click here to see all of your latest opportunities.