Soft Skills Employers are

Looking for this Year…

So you’ve got the hard skills… but do you have the soft skills to take you to that next level?

Hard skills have provided you with certificates, grades and the chance to apply for the role of your dreams. But soft skills are the reason why you will smash that interview out of the park!

Find out the top soft skills employers are looking for right now…

Team Player

You’ve heard the cliché phrase “teamwork makes the dreamwork” But it really is true! You need to be a good team player in any role or career, whether you’re self-employed & collaborating with clients or if you’re working in an office environment. Team work is a sought after skill. 

Employers look for qualities in candidates that can help drive business success. Working in a team shows organisation, collaboration, emotional intelligence and empathy which are necessary to business progression. 


Interpersonal skills are key to building relationships & developing rapport. The way you communicate with your team members could be the difference between the success or failure of a project. This is because team members who are informed & communicated with are most likely to trust you.

Communication is also vital to how you correspond to emails from the employer or recruiter & will immediately show your professionalism. Whether you’re in a senior position or just starting out, how you communicate will highlight how well you can listen, follow instructions and engage with your prospective team.

Time Management

Not only do employers need to know that you are going to complete the job within the Time allocated, but quite simply they need to look for candidates who have a strong work ethic, someone who can stay both focused and organised.

 If you can’t stick to deadlines or turn up to work on Time, employers may take this as a sign that you may not finish projects or hit sales targets. It is imperative to be organised and on Time so that business results can be maximised.

Problem Solving

If you are able to assess what needs to be done and then decide how to do it you are already half way there! Many job roles have lots of decisions to make daily, therefore candidates that are able to problem solve can help the business run smoothly. 

Emotional Intelligence

A good example of emotional intelligence is being able to accept criticism and responsibility.  It is also about being self-aware, being mindful of the language you use with others, shows that you can cope with change and inconvenience. 

Being able to read people means that you can display empathy, this may mean that carry potential team leader skills to contribute and improve team performance. 


This soft skill means that employers can rely on you to adapt to unplanned situations in the work place. It also provides insights into how you would approach challenges in a positive way.  

Flexibility in the work place is a key indicator that you are also a great problem solver. Problem solving skills are key to making sure the business runs smoothly & that you are willing to learn and grow within your role. 


Leadership skills come in many forms for example: conflict resolution, decision making, inspiring people & management to name just a few. 

Most employers want candidates with Leadership skills to assess, motivate, encourage and build their teams.

Therefore it is vital that candidates who are looking for leadership roles have the potential to step up to the plate in a difficult situation and resolve it. 

Think you have these soft skills?

If you have these transferrable skills make sure to add these to your CV to make employers aware of your personal attributes & the skills you have gained throughout real life situations.

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