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COVID – 19 has carved out different pathways for us all over the past year. Many people are facing hardship, unemployment, and redundancy, and as a result the job market and economy has faced its biggest challenges of all time. Currently the competition for jobs is higher than it has ever been before!

Employers are now hiring for an entirely new skillset. So we have crafted a helpful guide to give you full access into what prospective employers are looking for…

…Let’s ace these interviews & skyrocket your career together!

What are the top words employers are looking for in your CV?



Innovative/ Creative


Team Player

I am Adaptable…

Being adaptable is a vital skill that many employers are looking for, the truth is COVID- 19 may be with us for a while and businesses need to know that their staff can cope with changing work environments and duties. This past year has faced us all with many unexpected challenges – employers are now on the hunt for people who can adapt and respond to these challenges efficiently and effectively.

Other examples of adaptability within the workplace are listed below:

  • Taking on different responsibilities within your role.
  • Solving a technical problem.
  • Working from home.
We find exceptional individuals specific to your role & business.

I am Flexible…

Flexibility within the workplace ties hand in hand with adaptability; in a flexible workplace the needs of both the employee and the employer are met. If you are willing to adapt to new situations and shift strategies to meet different types of challenges, you will be highly employable to businesses who have been faced with unanticipated obstacles; employers in-turn are more likely to become flexible to your work/life needs too.


A few examples of flexible skills to add to your CV would be:

  1. Giving attention to a time – sensitive project rather than the tasks you had planned for the day.
  2. Offering to take on new responsibilities to meet changing needs.
  3. Changing your schedule to accommodate a co- worker or managers needs.

These flexible skills show future employers your committed work ethic & reliability.

I am an Innovative/ Creative thinker…

For businesses to be able to change, they need people who can create the change. Having an innovative skillset demonstrates unique problem-solving skills that are extremely useful to employers who are looking to adapt to the changes and excel within their industry sectors. Problem solving is cited as the top skill required by employers with 50% citing it in their top three employable factors. This Forbes article puts it plainly: “True business and marketing leaders embrace uncertainty and complexity as creative catalysts that invite and, in fact, demand innovation. Creative leaders should view constraints at every level as exciting challenges that release—not restrict—creative responses. Additionally, creative leadership recognizes the risk in trying new things and doesn’t fear failure.” If you have implemented an idea or used your creative skills to problem solve, make sure to add this to your CV and explain what you did to make this change.

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I am a Resilient worker…

Resilience and Adaptability go hand in hand, as mentioned above. The ability to cope with changes as they happen whilst maintaining the same work ethic is desirable. To show resilience demonstrates to employers that you have a ‘bounce back’ attitude. A study carried out by CV library revealed that 71.5% of employers value willingness to adapt.

A candidate that demonstrates a positive approach to work and an overall positive outlook on life indicates to business owners; better problem- solving skills and a motivational drive.

Do you have any examples of being resilient in the workplace?

Examples to include in your CV include:

When you have overcome a specific problem with a solution, therefore treating problems as a learning process rather than an obstacle.

Did you set yourself any goals/targets to achieve?

I am a Team Player…

Usually when employed by a business you will be required to work within a team. Employers look for team players who are going to fit in with their workplace culture and the personalities that sit within the team already. Teams can usually find the solutions that work best, so a collaborative approach to problem solving is an admired skillset.

Have you got any examples of when you have been a team player within your career?

Have you worked closely with another team member to solve a problem? Or start a campaign?

Have you got an example where you collaborated with your team effectively?


Team player phrases to add to your CV:

  • Embraces teamwork
  • Team player who can also work independently
  • Thrives in a team environment
  • Excellent communication skills
  • Enjoys working closely with others
  • Team orientated personality
  • Dedicated team member
  • Team leader
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If you’re not too sure on whether you could add these skills to your CV why not try to learn a new skill or take a course to develop your skills. Developing an advanced skillset shows motivation and initiative to learn whilst job searching. This will certainly make employers more likely to pick you at the interview stage.  Please note: Always make sure to keep your CV skills relevant to the job you’re targeting.

Take this opportunity to update your CV, evaluate your skillset against the needs of employers and then position yourself to be the candidate that they need.

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