Why Use Time Appointments?

September 27, 2021In News

Using a Recruitment Consultancy may be something that you have never considered before, or maybe you had… but never reached out?

There are many reasons why organisations are continuing to develop closer relationships and partner with Recruitment Consultancies.

So, what exactly is the benefit of using a Recruitment Consultancy to help hire professionals?

An Extension of Your Brand

It is key that an organisations culture is extended into their recruitment process, therefore from the beginning of our recruitment process, we take the Time to understand our clients, including their values, ethos and culture so that we can best support and promote their brand when helping to source the most suitable candidates for the business.

Nothing hurts a business’s credibility more than inconsistency and mixed messages. A consistent message and picture of what an organisations values and culture are will give the business a clear, defined and coherent voice which will assist us in attracting likeminded employees and therefore enabling us to represent your business as an employer of choice.

Here at Time Appointments we understand that large companies invest a lot of time and money in developing and marketing their employer brand, but many SME and smaller businesses don’t have the same resources. If you choose your Consultancy wisely then they can give potential candidates a real insight in to your business – what it’s like to work there, benefits, career openings available, and a feel for the culture. If you partner with Time Appointments  we will spend time getting to know you and some of your key managers, from these insights we will be able to represent you as an employer of choice.

Access to an Extensive Talent Pool

Suitable candidates can be difficult to find, and quite often the ‘ideal candidate’ is the one who is not actively looking for a new job but would be open to one if the right opportunity presented itself.

When looking for candidates we run comprehensive and proven recruitment campaigns to ensure candidate attraction through localised media channels including all primary local and national ‘on-line’ job board platforms. We have an extensive social media network, and also pro-actively approach candidates.

Time Appointment’s In-house database has over 23,000 industry specific professionals at our Consultants fingertips. This innovative workflow system enables our Consultants to match exceptional candidates to jobs quickly and send their CV’s out to clients in a flash.

Our Consultants only submit candidates who are suitable for your business and role, therefore only exceptional individuals who we are confident you should invite to interview will be put forward. We don’t fill roles, we hire exceptional candidates.

Pre-screened Candidates 

Time Appointments carry out vigorous recruitment processes, in-depth interviews, skills testing and many other methods to ensure candidates are qualified, compliant and the right ‘fit’ before CV submission.

Every applicant submitted by us is put through a competency-based interview with our experienced Consultants. We look into the suitability of the candidate to an organisation and explore the ability and relevance of their skills to the role we are recruiting for. In addition to checking a candidate’s competency and capability to do the job, their personality, work ethic, values and aspirations are also evaluated to assess their cultural fit with the business we are recruiting on behalf of.  The end result is a candidate who transitions into a new position seamlessly, pleasing both employer and employee.

Increases Staff Retention

Employee retention is predicted by matching candidates whose values, culture and ethos align with a company culture’s dominant aspects. Performance is predicted by determining if candidates possess the talents and competencies needed to perform effectively in the company’s work environment.

To avoid any potential new employees feeling that they have been misled, during the offer stage Time Appointments offer a clear criteria as to what will be expected of them if they were to be promoted and achieve the career progression they want.

Time Appointments understands that the recruitment journey doesn’t end once a candidate has accepted an offer of employment. As part of our continued commitment to ensure a successful recruitment journey for both Candidates and Clients, our Consultants periodically follow up with each party prior to the candidate commencing employment and during their probationary period.  Regular contact with Candidates and Clients allows us the opportunity to identify and resolve any potential issues early on so that a long-term resolution and success can be achieved.  To stay ahead of the game, it is important all recruiters understand the importance of maintaining the relationship beyond placement, while working alongside employers to maximise engagement and reduce attrition. Time Appointments have found that this process increases retention rates and improves satisfaction of service for both parties.

Choosing Time Saves Time. 

Hiring through a Recruitment Consultancy might seem like an expensive way to bring new people on board, however contrary to popular belief, using a Recruiting Consultancy to assist with your recruitment processes IS cost effective.

On average, the hiring process for an organisation is decided between 3 members of management staff and can takes weeks of precious time writing and distributing adverts, sifting through unsuitable CV applications, managing diaries to organise interviews and updating candidates on the progress of their application.

At Time Appointments we focus solely on recruitment and are able to react promptly to a business’ recruitment needs. Our consultants work on a quick and unique turnaround time from instruction to placement, which leaves our clients confident in the fact that their vacancy has been actioned immediately, therefore allowing them to focus time on other urgent and important things within their business.

Our clients benefit from being able to efficiently interview the best hand-picked, pre-screened candidates, so that their time can be spent wisely only interviewing quality candidates who have the best possible outcome of filling the role.

Remember, Time Appointments do not charge any introductory fees until a new employee commences their employment, and for additional security in the unlikely event that an employee doesn’t work out, our clients are supported by a rebate period.

Market Knowledge

Time Appointments act as a partner and collaborator, with constant eyes and ears on the market.

As well as having over 100 years collective experience working within recruitment, our team of consultants are passionate and immersed in the core industries that we recruit within. As a result, we are able to provide hiring teams with an insight into what is happening within the current market, as well as specialist knowledge on market trends, competitive salary rates, expected skills and job expectations. We are also able to source the best available talent, know where to find them and how to reach out to them, Here at Time we will find candidates who can hit the ground running.


If you’re interested in investing in our Unique & World Class Recruitment Services to hire exceptional candidates for your business contact our expert team on 01473 252 666 or email us at enquiry@timeappointments.co.uk to find out more!