Expectations work both ways… 

Throughout our 16 years of Professional Recruitment we see both sides of the recruitment process. Not only does the client need exceptional talent to join their business, but the candidate will also have high expectations of the business they’re hoping to join. 

We want to share with you exactly what potential employees are looking for in their next career move…

Here are the main factors that will help potential employees choose your business… (& it’s not salary!)

  1. Flexibility
  2. Well- being
  3. Company Culture


Flex culture has arrived… & is here to stay! Obviously your organisation’s version of flexibility will depend on the type of work you do and the feedback you get from your employees. But according to a recent survey by Harvard Business Review: According to the study, 88% of knowledge workers say that when searching for a new position, they will look for one that offers complete flexibility in their hours and location.

Furthermore according to the Global Talent Trends 2022 Since 2019 there has been a +35% increase in engagements when a company mentions flexibility in their job posts on LinkedIn.

Similarly when Randstad carried out a report in 2021 asking 6,000 UK candidates what the greatest influences for their job search is, for the first time – flexible working has overtaken the importance of job location with a majority of 51% saying they would benefit from more flexibility from their employer. 

Offering greater flexibility in workplace arrangements can benefit businesses. According to a Survey conducted by The Conference Board: 60% of HR leaders reported that productivity actually increased in their organisations over the past year. 

Traditionally most organisations believed their employees needed to be on-site to maximise their productivity, but this may be a thing of the past. So when thinking about bringing your employees back into the 9-5 office space this week, maybe it’s time to input a hybrid strategy….

Motivated people high fiving at work

Well – being

It’s clear that the last 18 months have had a significant impact on what the future working environment will look like. These uncertain times have brought many challenges, hurdles, and most importantly insights into employees wellbeing & needs.

A 2021 survey by Forbes found that: 68% of Senior HR Leaders rated employee well-being and mental health as top priority within the working environment. The Global Talent Trends Report showed that Generation Z favour companies that invest in mental health and wellness to improve company culture (mentioned below)  and are 66% more likely to choose a business based on wellness in the workplace.. This is also true for Millennials, with 51% of potential candidates looking for business’s that value wellbeing.

Time Appointments work with a number of clients who provide wellbeing events, mornings, & days for their employees, for example: 

  • Yoga mornings
  • Floristry days
  • Team building days – sports days etc. 

These breaks in the everyday routine help to promote wellbeing, mindfulness & the chance for employers to provide employees with the best possible working environment. What will you implement into your business to make sure potential candidates choose you…?

Company Culture

Every business will have a different company culture that affects all aspects of the business, not just values printed on the walls & a couple of bean bags placed around the office. If the Culture isn’t quite right, then employees are less likely to be engaged or align with the Company’s values. According to Culture IQ; 73% of disengaged employees are actively looking for jobs right now, compared to 37% of engaged employees.

Therefore to make sure your employees and future employees feel valued, motivated and engaged, your company’s culture needs to include the basics such as transparent leadership, encouragement, trust and communication. Your culture is important for a thriving business regardless of the economic climate.

The Global Talent Trends have highlighted that 40% of job seekers are selecting colleagues and culture as a top priority when choosing a new job!

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Motivated people high fiving at work